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Video on Autism Awareness Australia website

ADHD & Autism, Book, Video, Product Reviews, Communication Theory

On the Autism Awareness Australia there is a little video. You can find it in the right hand column of their webpages or see it on youtube This video would be ideal for a class on teaching political rhetoric. Here is the transcript…

Vaccines and Autism and Pseudoscience

Notes, Thoughts and Musings

The debate about whether vaccines can cause autism lingers on. The anti-vaccination lobby are routinely accused by mainstream science of pushing pseudoscience with flimsy claims based on selective research and dubious evidence. Yet the anti-vaccination lobby and the autism lobby have many similarities. I have some sympathy for Meryl Dorey – not because I agree… Read More

Battle of the Pseudosciences

ADHD & Autism, In The News

The folk from Autism Awareness Australia have complained on their public facebook about this article in the SMH on a story about Horse Boy, claiming it is pseudoscience. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black, perhaps.  I’m not sure that anyone is claiming that Horse Boy is a science. It’s a story about what worked… Read More

Let’s Blame the Family

Schools & Education

When children are having problems at school, and school personnel can’t blame the problem on the child, then next in line is the family with their “family problems”, or irresponsible or feckless parents. Often this is spoken about in the security of the staffrooms and behind the parents’ backs, sometimes it is hinted at when… Read More

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Other Diagnoses & Labels

What exactly were they thinking when they came up with this one? Were they so focused on the idea of recalcitrant children who won’t bow to the will of their elders that nobody noticed the acronym and said “Hey guys, this is going to look a bit silly”? Well, it seems that ODD is what… Read More

ADHD: Overdiagnosed?

ADHD & Autism

As part of a series OVER-DIAGNOSIS EPIDEMIC on, Rae Thomas, Research Fellow at Bond University has written Moving the diagnostic goalposts: medicalising ADHD It’s worth reading, as are the comments. I remember when ADD and then ADHD became the popular diagnosis of the 1980’s. Since then Asperger’s Syndrome has taken some of its marketshare… Read More

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Gifted & Aspergers, Other Diagnoses & Labels, Schools & Education

Here we go again – another possible diagnosis for the child who doesn’t respond as desired to their educational or test setting: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo. These psychs really have a way with words. Read more on Is it really any better than labelling someone “stupid and lazy”? At least stupid and lazy is clearly… Read More

School Refusal – A Different View

Schools & Education

There is an article published on 13th February 2012, “School? Hell no, I just won’t go” about children who refuse to go to school. It’s more than the “I don’t feel like it today” or “I haven’t done my homework” thing; it affects health and well-being of the child, and the family as a whole… Read More

School Refusal and Truancy – What’s The Difference?

Other Diagnoses & Labels, Schools & Education

OK, I’ll admit it. I was a truant. During my last two years at school, I skipped school a couple of times a week. Not to do anything exciting – just to get out of the place. I left home in the morning and returned in the afternoon as though nothing had happened. As soon… Read More

Selling the Message

Notes, Thoughts and Musings

I have spent too many years in the world of online advertising.  Advertising is a strange industry to start with but online advertising merges the existing advertising practices with lots of data which is used to create statistics. Statistics, and pretty graphs, are used all the time to make decisions, justify decisions, back up arguments… Read More

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