Social Change – The Wider Issues

These articles considers how the increase in diagnosis of ASD, autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, etc, could be an indicator or result of greater social change.

The obvious would be change in the family unit but it also includes wider social changes in gender politics, equality and equity politics, expectations within schools and workplaces, medical and pharmaceutical advances, technology and its effect on knowledge and education and much more.

Social Context of Aspergers

Social Change

One of the benefits of writing essays in education is that it can force you to gather your thoughts and write something in a very concise way.  This has happened on my first MOOC “The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness” where we were given an assignment to describe the social context of a… keep reading

Asperger’s Syndrome – Workplace needs filtering down

Social Change

When you see Asperger’s Syndrome as a social phenomenon or social construction rather than a pathological state of an individual, the obvious question is “Why Now?” Is it that people have changed so much, or is it the society and its expectations that have changed? In my research on Asperger’s Syndrome, I looked at current social… keep reading

Asperger’s Syndrome in the Gender Wars

Social Change

It seems that Asperger’s Syndrome creates real problems in marriage, or so we are told… In Attwood’s book he describes how these odd people have a tendency to marry someone who shares their interests and, if they marry someone with sufficient understanding, they may be lucky enough to proceed to have a “functional” marriage. It… keep reading

Do Schools Cause Aspergers Syndrome?

Social Change

It is no accident that Asperger’s Syndrome is often diagnosed when children enter the schooling system, or that the difficulties increase throughout the school years. I would suggest that the outward symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome are often a quite reasonable reaction to inappropriate schooling or inadequate teaching methods. Push their buttons enough and most people… keep reading

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