Schools & Education

As socialising institutions, schools are one of the battlegrounds in times of social change. It is where children have to work out how they fit into the world, or not.

Let’s Blame the Family

Schools & Education

When children are having problems at school, and school personnel can’t blame the problem on the child, then next in line is the family with their “family problems”, or irresponsible or feckless parents. Often this is spoken about in the security of the staffrooms and behind the parents’ backs, sometimes it is hinted at when… keep reading

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Gifted & Aspergers, Other Diagnoses & Labels, Schools & Education

Here we go again – another possible diagnosis for the child who doesn’t respond as desired to their educational or test setting: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo. These psychs really have a way with words. Read more on Is it really any better than labelling someone “stupid and lazy”? At least stupid and lazy is clearly… keep reading

School Refusal – A Different View

Schools & Education

There is an article published on 13th February 2012, “School? Hell no, I just won’t go” about children who refuse to go to school. It’s more than the “I don’t feel like it today” or “I haven’t done my homework” thing; it affects health and well-being of the child, and the family as a whole… keep reading

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