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Video: Medicalising Normality

Book, Video, Product Reviews

From the Festival of Ideas at the University of Melbourne What is and is not a real disease? Our speakers tackle the difference between a “normal” problem and a genuine disease, exploring the dangers of “diagnostic inflation.” Speakers’ topics: Professor Jon Jureidini – Medicalising normal kids and the dangers of over-prescribing. Mr Ray Moynihan… keep reading

IQ2 Debate ‘Our Children are Over Diagnosed’

ADHD & Autism, Book, Video, Product Reviews, Gifted & Aspergers

This IQ2 debate, ‘Our Children are Over Diagnosed’, is fascinating and instructive and not just for the immediate content… For the proposition: Jane Caro, Martin Whitely and Dr Jon Jureidini Against the proposition: Nicole Rogerson, Katie Allen and Jane Burns Watch the debate at and you really do need to watch it, not just listen… keep reading

Book Review: “Saving Normal” by Allen Frances

Book, Video, Product Reviews

“Saving Normal: An Insider’s Revolt against Out-of-Control Psychiatric Diagnosis, DSM-5, Big Pharma, and the Medicalization of Ordinary Life” by Allen Frances is a worthwhile book to read if you are dealing with professionals.Frances fills a much needed gap between the unquestioning acceptance of diagnostic checklists and the anti-psychiatry conspiracy theorists. For those of us who… keep reading

Smiles mean you are happy – right?

Book, Video, Product Reviews

What does it mean when someone smiles at you? They are happy? They like you? They are going to be nice to you? Late last night I found myself watching a video – as you do.  It was Richard Dawkins interviewing Wendy Wright, a creationist and head of a group called Concerned Women for America… keep reading

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