Notes, Thoughts and Musings

Vaccines and Autism and Pseudoscience

Notes, Thoughts and Musings

The debate about whether vaccines can cause autism lingers on. The anti-vaccination lobby are routinely accused by mainstream science of pushing pseudoscience with flimsy claims based on selective research and dubious evidence. Yet the anti-vaccination lobby and the autism lobby have many similarities. I have some sympathy for Meryl Dorey – not because I agree… keep reading

Selling the Message

Notes, Thoughts and Musings

I have spent too many years in the world of online advertising.  Advertising is a strange industry to start with but online advertising merges the existing advertising practices with lots of data which is used to create statistics. Statistics, and pretty graphs, are used all the time to make decisions, justify decisions, back up arguments… keep reading

Too Much Brain!

Notes, Thoughts and Musings

We’d better keep our little ones very bored in case their brains grow too fast! What causes autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? We don’t know exactly what causes ASD. But the latest research shows that in children with ASD: there’s early brain overgrowth (the brain grows faster than average) different parts of the brain don’t… keep reading

Aspergers – OMG – They’re Breeding!

Gifted & Aspergers, Notes, Thoughts and Musings

There was an article published back in 2001 in Wired, The Geek Syndrome which describes a greater incidence of Asperger’s Syndrome in Silicon Valley. There have been studies and articles since which also note the higher incidence within this type of population in other parts of the world. What is really interesting is the… keep reading

Jokes, Puns and symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome

Notes, Thoughts and Musings

One of the “symptoms” of Aspergers Syndrome is that they don’t get jokes and take everything literally and take statements at face-value. Yet another is that they like “puns” just a little too much, often to the annoyance of other people. You can’t have it both ways. These “symptoms” of the same “disorder” are direct… keep reading

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