Gifted & Aspergers

The intersecting discourses about gifted education and Asperger\’s Syndrome is how I came into this subject. Both discourses are value-laden, subjective, emotive and have a battery of experts offering theories, tests and diagnoses.

The gifted Aspie has become a stereotype which fits neatly into cultural myths about genius and madness and absent-minded professors. It can be a flattering moniker while also being more politically acceptable for advocacy.

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Gifted & Aspergers, Other Diagnoses & Labels, Schools & Education

Here we go again – another possible diagnosis for the child who doesn’t respond as desired to their educational or test setting: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo. These psychs really have a way with words. Read more on Is it really any better than labelling someone “stupid and lazy”? At least stupid and lazy is clearly… keep reading

IQ2 Debate ‘Our Children are Over Diagnosed’

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This IQ2 debate, ‘Our Children are Over Diagnosed’, is fascinating and instructive and not just for the immediate content… For the proposition: Jane Caro, Martin Whitely and Dr Jon Jureidini Against the proposition: Nicole Rogerson, Katie Allen and Jane Burns Watch the debate at and you really do need to watch it, not just listen… keep reading

Aspergers – OMG – They’re Breeding!

Gifted & Aspergers, Notes, Thoughts and Musings

There was an article published back in 2001 in Wired, The Geek Syndrome which describes a greater incidence of Asperger’s Syndrome in Silicon Valley. There have been studies and articles since which also note the higher incidence within this type of population in other parts of the world. What is really interesting is the… keep reading

Aspergers or just Intelligent?

Gifted & Aspergers

One of the sugar-coatings used to make the Aspergers label attractive to people is that it sometimes coincides with high intelligence. Leaving aside the varying definitions of intelligence for this discussion, it does seem that a large number of very intelligent children get diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome because they don’t fit in with children of… keep reading

Falling by the Wayside

Gifted & Aspergers

This article was commissioned and published in 1996 as an article to parents of gifted children struggling to understand why gifted children often seem to drop out of school for no reason while their less intellectually inclined classmates pass them by. The term gifted is problematic but nobody seems to be able to come up… keep reading

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