ADHD & Autism

Some children have an ADHD diagnosis and then move on to get an autism (ASD) diagnosis, or vice versa. Some have both – co-morbidity or twice exceptional. The diagnoses share many symptoms. So what\’s the difference?

You could just be cynical and say that it depends whether you see an ADHD specialist or an ASD specialist. But I think it is more than that.

Troubled children, and troubled adults for that matter, tend to implode or explode. If they implode, they exhibit the behaviour that is interpreted as ASD and/or depression, if they explode they exhibit the behaviour interpreted as ADHD. If they do both, it could be ASD with the occasional meltdown, or multiple diagnoses.

How much better it could be to just call them troubled and look at what is troubling them.

ADHD: Overdiagnosed?

ADHD & Autism

As part of a series OVER-DIAGNOSIS EPIDEMIC on, Rae Thomas, Research Fellow at Bond University has written Moving the diagnostic goalposts: medicalising ADHD It’s worth reading, as are the comments. I remember when ADD and then ADHD became the popular diagnosis of the 1980’s. Since then Asperger’s Syndrome has taken some of its marketshare… keep reading

IQ2 Debate ‘Our Children are Over Diagnosed’

ADHD & Autism, Book, Video, Product Reviews, Gifted & Aspergers

This IQ2 debate, ‘Our Children are Over Diagnosed’, is fascinating and instructive and not just for the immediate content… For the proposition: Jane Caro, Martin Whitely and Dr Jon Jureidini Against the proposition: Nicole Rogerson, Katie Allen and Jane Burns Watch the debate at and you really do need to watch it, not just listen… keep reading

More children given drugs

ADHD & Autism, In The News

ABC news story Anti-depressant, anti-psychotic medication prescriptions for kids on the rise, study finds contains some frightening statistics “The number of children aged between 10 and 14 given antidepressants jumped by more than a third, while anti-psychotic medications rose by almost 50 per cent. Prescriptions to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) rose by 26.1… keep reading

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