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I first became aware of Asperger’s Syndrome, also known as High-Functioning Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), 25 years ago when looking for a solution to our problems finding schools who could provide an appropriate education for our children. Although I rejected the diagnosis, I watched the discourse about the disorder develop. I saw many people seek the diagnosis for their children. Some were friends, all clearly cared for their children and were trying to do the best thing to help them.

Researching Asperger’s and analyzing the discourse that surrounds it has given me the understanding and strength to maintain my opposition.

The Asperger’s story is a complex and political one. It’s a much bigger story than the individuals who are being affected. At its base, it is about who gets to define what is normal, what is appropriate and what is desirable. It’s also about careers of researchers, therapists, writers and other professional and amateur service providers. But most of all, it’s about living in a time of rapid social change.

For an individual being caught in a much bigger social storm, I understand that the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome or autism can be attractive. All I can say is buyer beware.

The articles on this blog are intended to be thought-provoking rather than persuasive. Feedback, positive and negative, is welcome. You can send feedback or contact me using the online form here.

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