Smiles mean you are happy – right?

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What does it mean when someone smiles at you? They are happy? They like you? They are going to be nice to you? Late last night I found myself watching a video – as you do.  It was Richard Dawkins interviewing Wendy Wright, a creationist and head of a group called Concerned Women for America.

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I am not here to debate creationism or anything other topic in the video. My interest is in Wendy Wright’s communication style and particularly her smile.

Now, people who are diagnosed with ASD are supposed to have difficulty interpreting and responding to facial expressions and tones of voice.  Yet I think most children will have experienced adults like this – smiling, insistent…

How do you respond to someone like this? Do you look at their face while they speak, or look away so you can concentrate on the words? Do you reciprocate the smile?

Which person in the video to you think is the most aggressive?   Which is the most polite?

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