Robert Spillane in conversation with Richard Fidler

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In this radio interview Robert Spillane begins talking about the use of personality tests in the workplace and moves on to ADHD in children.  Spillane is well-known for his criticism of the DSM and the practices in the fields of psychiatric and psychology.  Much of what he says would also apply to ASD and Aspergers.

I agree with much of what he says except for two things:

  • he has a very narrow view of postmodernism and appears unaware that postmodernist theory could not only be used to support and expand what he says but also make it less judgmental.
  • he is very judgmental about parents who accept the treatment prescribed by the experts

In this political fight, and it is a fight over who gets to define reality, children and their parents are the least powerful participants.  Blaming parents for taking the advice of the “experts” doesn’t help anyone. They need to be helped to find alternatives.

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